Athena members Owen, Sam, and Rich established their career 3 years ago back in 2015. Locals to the great city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the trio were part of a project leaning more toward the styles of Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam. While they enjoyed the music they were making, it wasn't until they started working together again in 2017 to ultimately form this new Alternative Rock group. 

Now who exactly are these three members? Let's start with Owen! 

Owen Crowley is the Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitarist for Athena. Having performed for over ten years in various original and cover rock bands accumulating about 75 shows in his time, he is a well versed musician who shows it while performing. His influences stem from Young the Giant, Kings of Leon, and One Republic. The mix of his soaring upper register vocals tied in with a passion for performing, leaves you realizing ATHENA is ready to take the world by storm. 

Now introducing Sam! 
Samuel Tattum is the Drummer for Athena. Playing drums for most of his life now, he finds peace in the music he creates. Sam is a mild mannered gentleman who when behind the kit turns into a literal powerhouse. With influences like Tool, Young the Giant, Twenty One Pilots, and Dream Theater it's no wonder ATHENA strives to bring to light every fill Sam concocts. 

Next up is magic man Rich! 
Richard Giduck is the Lead Guitarist, Bassist, Singer, Synth Player, and truly a magic man that plays just about every instrument Athena has added to their layering. Rich is the most tenured performer having played shows almost every other weekend for the last 4 years. Drawing his influence from Grizzly Bear, Dr. Dog, Kings of Leon, and Oasis, Rich provides a timeless sound that brings you into a sensation of bliss. His soaring melodies give ATHENA the sound that listeners have been craving. 

ATHENA strives to give their all in every performance hoping the love found in their lyrics can be contextualized every time you get to see or hear them. With love at the core of what their music stands for, they hope to spread that love to all and guide others in finding what they are passionate about in life. 

Why Fight Love,